About Top Tip Bio

Top Tip Bio is a resource website to teach bioscience students and academics the skills and knowledge to thrive in research

I created TopTipBio.com back in February 2017 whilst at the start of my first postdoctoral research associate role. As a researcher primarily focussed within the molecular biology discipline, I often come across difficult concepts. As you do, I often ask colleagues for advice and help when I get stuck. Failing this, the next point of call is the trusty internet. As a bioscientist, there is a range of aspects that my job requires, including: performing statistical analysis, undertaking laboratory experiments and writing manuscripts. I found it frustrating that the information I was seeking was either non-existent or difficult to find. My vision for Top Tip Bio is to create a resource which contains helpful advice, guides and information on all aspects of bioscience research in one place. By explaining concepts I found difficult, I hope to help others in the same boat.

I hope you find this website useful and be sure to stick around, as I have a lot of plans for the future!

I also write another blog, Side Hustle Teach, where I share my thoughts and advice on teaching others in my spare time.

Steven Bradburn, PhD
Steven is the founder of Top Tip Bio. He is currently a Medical Writer and a former Postdoctoral Research Associate. Enjoyed the tutorial? Then let me know by leaving a comment below, or consider buying me a coffee.