How To Change One Page To Landscape In Word

The standard page orientation in Microsoft Word is portrait, which is completely adequate for conventional writing, however, there are times when you may need to introduce the odd landscape page within the same document. For example, when inserting a table which is too wide for portrait pages.

In this walkthrough I will describe how to change a single page from portrait to landscape orientation.

1. Open Microsoft Word and prepare your document

In this example, I have opened Microsoft Word and inserted three pages. For illustration purposes, I have inserted headings to depict the page orientations I would like to have in my document. I would like a document where the first and third pages are the standard portrait, whilst the middle page is in landscape orientation.

2. Open the Page Setup window

To be able to change the orientation of the second page to landscape, I have to select the second page. Click anywhere on the second page to do this. Next, open up the ‘Page Setup‘ window. To find the ‘Page Setup‘ window, go to the ‘Layout‘ tab and click on the small square icon with an arrow in the corner of the ‘Page Setup‘ section. I have circled the icon in the image below.

This should now open up the ‘Page Setup‘ window.

3. Change the page orientation to landscape

Within the window, change the orientation from ‘Portrait‘ to ‘Landscape‘. Also, under the ‘Preview‘ heading, change the ‘Apply to‘ dropdown option to ‘This section‘. This will change the page orientation on just this selected page, instead of the whole document or from this point onwards.

Finally, click the ‘OK‘ button. The page orientation on the second page should now be in landscape, with the first and last pages remaining in portrait.

Microsoft Word version used: 2016


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