Find guides, protocols and helpful tips when performing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

How To Make TBE Buffer

About TBE buffer TBE buffer, named so because of the three ingredients of Tris base, Boric acid and EDTA, is a solution commonly used as...

13 Free PCR Primer Design Programs

Gone are the days where you have to design primers by hand. Instead, we have a plethora of excellent resources available that utilises complex...

How To Calculate PCR Primer Efficiencies

Why bother with PCR primer efficiencies? Every time you receive a new set of primers, especially when using SYBR Green chemistry during quantitative polymerase chain...

How To Perform The Delta-Delta Ct Method

What is the delta-delta Ct method? The delta-delta Ct method, also known as the 2-∆∆Ct method, is a simple formula used in order to calculate...

How To Create Real-Time PCR Primers Using Primer-BLAST

Primer-BLAST Primer-BLAST is NCBI’s free online primer design platform which designs PCR primers using the Primer3 system and simultaneously checks the likelihood that the primers...

How To Dilute New PCR Primers

In this article, I will explain how to easily prepare PCR stock primers and how to dilute them into a working primer solution. A...